Welcome to the Home of the Canadian Peanut, Picard Peanuts Ltd. is owned & operated by Jim Picard and family. As the Canadian pioneer of the first commercial shelling plant, Jim Picard and his family process tons of quality Jumbo Cocktail Peanuts, Extra Fancy Virginia Redskins, Spanish and Ontario-grown Valencia Peanuts. Since 1979, Picard Peanuts Ltd. has been farming, harvesting and retailing the best peanuts in Canada.


In the 1970’s, Jim Picard, was a successful corn producer who began to closely monitor the peanut production research and finally began experimenting with growing peanuts in 1979. This began the start of Canada’s very first commercial shelling plant.


The Ontario grown peanut, although less productive than other peanut varieties grown under warmer climates, doesn’t require the use of many chemical herbicides and pesticides used by peanut producers in these countries. There is even no waste in the by-products of the peanut plant as immature peanuts are sold as birdfeed and local farmers use peanut hulls as bedding for livestock.

All of our peanuts are stored in a cool storage until they are ready to be processed weekly in order to guarantee both quality and freshness. This year, Picard Peanuts Ltd. will be opening up a new processing site in which all four of our confectionery specialties will be made. This includes the same Beer Nuts, 9 kinds of Brittle, Sponge Toffee, Caramel Corn, our same Pure Smooth Milk, Dark and White Chocolate covered Almonds, Raisins, Peanuts, Blueberries, Cranberries, Coffee Beans and numerous kinds of specialty coated nuts and fruits. The list goes on! Stop in to grab your favourites today!


Peanut seeds are planted in mid-May and by June, after pollination, small yellow buds can be seen signaling a bountiful crop. As the buds mature into flowers, pegs are sent into the soil from which the peanuts will develop. About 10-12 pods will form from the each plant, yielding 600-1200 pounds of shelled peanuts per acre. The plants may be irrigated to reduce stress and encourage the secondary flowering. The plants can flower every ten days, however we only use the first three or four buddings due to Ontario’s shorter season to mature the peanuts to our quality.


  • In late September, before the autumn frost, the mature plants are dug up and left in the sun for a few hours to partially dry.

  • Special combines then pick up the sun-dried peanuts and remove the peanuts from the vines.

  • Peanuts are washed, sorted and placed in the special wagons to dry further before being graded and placed into a cold storage until processing.

  • Roasted weekly, our peanuts are guaranteed to deliver the freshest taste in every bite.